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                                                                 Optical Transceivers

Infiberone provides customized optical transceivers to meet different clients’ needs such as EEPROM compatibility codes, specific labels and form factors, etc.


      · SFP                       · XFP

      · SFP+                     · CFP

      · QSFP+                  · QSFP28


                                                                   Fiber Patch Cables

 Infiberone offers customized optical fiber patch cords to meet client’s needs of custom networks. If the  product  type you  need is not on the product catalog of Infiberone online store, please contact our  customization  support about custom product  items such as optic fiber types and counts, connector types,  connector ends,  cable diameters, length and colors, etc.

PLC Fiber Optic Cables

Infiberone supplies customized PLC splitters in order to meet clients’ needs in passive optical networking construction. Our custom items include channel numbers, package types and dimensions, connector types and end types, patch cord length and types.



 WDM Expanding Capacity Project

Infiberone provides customization service of WDM equipments, including CWDM, DWDM, OADM and AAWG, which can meet clients’ application requirements on passive network such as Access Network, Metropolitan Area Network, WDM System, and Mux/Demux System. If the product you need is not found in the catalog of Infiberone online store, please feel free to contact out custom support for customized items such as port numbers and wavelength, optic fiber types, package types, connector types and special service interfaces.

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