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Order Online:

Only five steps are needed to purchase in Infiberone, you need say nothing with Sales in Infiberone. Just register and log in, choose what you want, add to the cart, edit payment and shipping information, finish an order. Yes, the procedure is so simple! This way can eliminate the effect of Time Difference, and make your shopping so easy! Order online is suitable for any conditions if you trust Infiberone, or if your order amount is a little big, you can choose the following methods.

Purchase Order:

Purchase Order is a payment method used by companies (usually, it is not available to individuals). We do not automatically offer this payment method on your account as we found that it was not suitable to all products sold through our service and confused some purchasers. If you feel that this payment method is appropriate to your product and customers, you can contact us, and send an email to, attach your PO page, tell us your special requirements, then Infiberone will arrange corresponding sale to deal with your purchase order. When our accounting department receives the customer's official company Purchase Order they will review it. If the Purchase Order is accepted then the order will be finalized (set to be completed) and the customer will be sent a Proforma Invoice with the PO number for payment.Please note that aiming at PO Orders, infiberone will provide a bigger discount according to the quantities of items and total amount of the order, because Infiberone provide Wholesale Service, the more , the cheaper.

Proforma Invoice Order:

If you have some special requirements about your purchase, or you want to make something clear, you can contact us directly. If you are an regular customer, you must have a sale representative in Infiberone. However, if you are a new customer, you can register in Infiberone first, and then, one of our sales will contact you voluntarily, or you can leave a message to, a sale will be arranged to contact you within 12 hours.After you make a agreement with your sale representative in Infiberone, the sale will send you a PI (Proforma Invoice), and according to the PI, you can know the detailed product description, invoice number, shipping issues, and the payment information, etc. You order will be finished through your negotiation with our sales.

When your order is successfully submitted on Infiberone, you can check the order details and shipment status on your account center.


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