Quality Control

Infiberone focus on “quality”, which highlights the pertinent best practices and benefits of managing quality as an integrated part of business to build a culture of collaboration and innovation. We purchased Cisco, Juniper, Brocade and other major brand devices to test the transceivers' quality.Each transceiver is individually tested and walks through the testing challenges. We set ourselves apart by investing in highly trained technical staff and state-of-the-art testing facilities to ensure that our customers receive superior quality transceivers.Our quality control procedures are designed to ensure virtually zero chance of failure in your network.


                                                                                   In-house Coding

Our in-house coding facility programs all of our parts to standard OEM specs for

 compatibility on all major vendors and systems such as Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, HP, Dell, Arista and so on.




Performance Testing

With a comprehensive line of original-brand switches, we can recreate an environment and test each optics in  

practical application to ensure quality and distance.


                                                                       Packaging Integrity Detection

                              The last test assured step to ensure our products to be shipped with perfect package.

ISO Standard

Quality and standards are the foundation of Infiberone. Management and employees are dedicated to providing customers with outstanding, standards-compliant products and services