Compact SFP(CSFP)

Compact SFP(CSFP)The Dual-Channel CSFP has the same mechanical dimensions as the conventional SFP transceiver and is compatible with the standard SFP cage. These highly integrated compact transceiver modules will enable network system vendors to increase

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CWDM&DWDM Definition of WDMWDM: Wavelength Division MultiplexingA technology that puts data from different optical sources together, on a single optical fiber, with each signal carried on its own separate light wavelength or optical channel DWDM Techn

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CPRI Transceivers

CPRI TransceiversCPRI Application (1)Mobile wireless back haul(1)Wireless Infrastructure: Strong Growth AheadOBSAI/ CPRIOBSAI: Open Base Station Architecture Initiative Common Public Radio Interface OBSA…

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Optical Switch Introduction

Optical Switch IntroductionDefinition :Optical switch is one kind of passive products that can switch on or block optical signals or change optical signals into other routes.These switches are designed for use in re-configurable optical add/drop multiplex

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Detail introduction of transceivers

Detailintroduction of transceiversOpticalmodule classificationBy package: 1*9, GBIC, SFF, SFP, XFP, SFP+,X2, XENPARK, QSFP+, 300pin, etc..By rate: 155M, 622M, 1.25G, 2.5G, 4.25G, 10G,25G, 40G, 100G, 120G etc..By wavelength: conventional wavelength, CWDM,D

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Infiberone new products list in 2016CloudOptical Transceivers100GQSFP28-LR4(DML)DescriptionThis product is a 100Gb/s transceivermodule designed for optical communication applications compliant to100GBASE-LR4 of the IEEE P802.3ba standard. The module conv…

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100G QSFP28 and 25G SFP28 Series Introduction

100G QSFP28 and 25G SFP28 Series Introduction ? Significant increase in 100G and 25G port density? Smaller form factor, like QSFP28 and SFP28 module? QSFP28 = Quad SFP28? QSFP28 is both a 100G and a high-density 25G form factor? SFP28 is standardized

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CFP developing history ( CFP, CFP2, CFP4)

CFP developing history ( CFP, CFP2, CFP4)First, I would like to share with you a picture clearly show the different package in different times for CFP. As the need for smaller form factor and higher efficiency, we must make the package smaller and smaller

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Detail introduction of Digital Video SFP module/HDMI/SDI

Detail introduction of Digital Video SFP module/HDMI/SDI1. What is Digital Video SDI Interface?A: The SDI interface is an acronym for the digital component serial interface and is a digital video interface standard developed by SMPTE. The serial interface

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Introduction of Gen2-optical QSFP SR4 Engine

Gen2 QSFP SR4 product technology

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