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3G SDI Video SFP Introduction

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3G SDI Video SFP Introduction

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has standards for handling high definition video signals with pathological pattern.SMPTE 292M is a standard published by SMPTE which expands upon SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 344M allowing for bit-rates of 1.485 Gbit/s, and 1.485/1.001 Gbit/s. These bit-rates are sufficient for and often used to transfer uncompressed High Definition video.


SMPTE 424M is a standard published by SMPTE which expands upon SMPTE 259M, 

SMPTE 344M, and SMPTE 292M allowing for bit-rates of 2.970 Gbit/s and 2.970/1.001 Gbit/s over a single-link coaxial cable. These bit-rates are sufficient for 1080p video at 50 or 60 frames per second.

Why do we need 3G SDI Video SFP - Break through the copper transmission distance

Signals travelling over cables suffer losses. In the case of coaxial copper cables, these losses are caused by a combination of the resistance of the conductors and absorption by the insulating dielectric. Both of these effects are worse at high frequencies. The resistive losses are influenced by the “skin effect,” which makes the losses increase in proportion to the square root of the transmitted frequency. Dielectric losses are directly proportional to frequency. Cables should be selected such that the dielectric loss is not a significant factor over the frequency range to be transported. For HD(125m) and 3G-SDI(55m), this means the use of foam dielectrics. Both resistive loss and dielectric loss are directly proportional to cable length.

3G-SDI Video SFP supports Pathological Pattern

The SDI Check Field (also known as a “pathological patterns ”) is a full-field test signal and therefore must be done out-of-service. It’s a difficult signal for the serial digital system to handle and is a very important test to perform. The SDI Check Field is specified to have a maximum amount of low-frequency energy. One component of the SDI Check Field tests equalizer operation by generating a sequence of 19 zeros followed by a 1 (or 19 ones followed by 1 zero). This sequence produces a high DC component that stresses the analog capabilities of the equipment and transmission system handling the signal. The other part of the SDI Check Field signal is designed to check phase locked loop performance.

 Infiberone HD 3G SDI video optical transceivers are available in SFP packages and in different configurations.



  • ·     Robust error free transmission of signals from 50Mbps to 3Gbps 
  • ·     non MSA pin arrangment or MSA pin arrangment
  • ·     Supports video pathological patterns for SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI
  • ·      Diagnose and control via I2C interface including:Monitoring of laser bias current, average output power, receive optical power, supply voltage and temperature

  • ·     Video SFP Dual Transmitter / Video Dual Receiver SFP / Video Transceiver/ Video CWDM SFP/ Video optical SFP Single Transmitter / Video optical module Single Receiver / Video Dual TX/ Video Dual RX/ BiDi Video optical SFP 

3G SDI Video SFP Application

3G-SDI Extender

3G-SDI Digital Fiber Optic Matrix Switcher

3G-SDI Digital Fiber Optic Matrix Switcher

Category PN Description
Video SFP GHT-313G-L4ND SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-1310nm-40km-SMF-DDM-Single-Transmitter
Video SFP GRR-3G-L2ND SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-20km-SMF-DDM-Dual-Receiver
Video SFP GRR-3G-L4ND SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-40km-SMF-DDM-Dual-Receiver
Video SFP GHR-3G-L2ND SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-20km-SMF-DDM-Single-Receiver
Video SFP GHR-3G-02ND SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-2km-SMF-DDM-Single-Receiver
Video SFP GHR-3G-L4ND SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-40km-SMF-DDM-Single-Receiver
Video SFP GHP-313G-L2TD SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-1310nm-20km-SMF-DDM-Transceiver
Video SFP GTT-31313G-L4TD SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-1310nm-40km-SMF-DDM-Dual-Transmitter
Video SFP GHP-313G-L4TD SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-1310nm-40km-SMF-DDM-Transceiver
Video SFP GRR-3G-02ND SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-2km-SMF-DDM-Dual-Receiver
Video SFP GHB-353G-L2TD SDI-Video-SFP-BIDI-3Gbps-SMF-1310nm/1550nm-20km-DDM-Transceiver
Video SFP GHB-353G-L4TD SDI-Video-SFP-BIDI-3Gbps-SMF-1310nm/1550nm-40km-DDM-Transceiver
Video SFP GHB-533G-L2TD SDI-Video-SFP-BIDI-3Gbps-SMF-1550nm/1310nm-20km-DDM-Transceiver
Video SFP GHB-533G-L4TD SDI-Video-SFP-BIDI-3Gbps-SMF-1550nm/1310nm-40km-DDM-Transceiver
Video SFP GHT-313G-L4NDM SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-1310nm-40km-SMF-DDM-MSA-Single-Transmitter
Video SFP GHR-3G-L2NDM SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-20km-SMF-DDM-MSA-Single-Receiver
Video SFP GHR-3G-02NDM SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-2km-SMF-DDM-MSA-Single-Receiver
Video SFP GHR-3G-L4NDM SDI-Video-SFP-3Gbps-40km-SMF-DDM-MSA-Single-Receiver

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