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Gigalight 100G Optical Modules Passed the Connectivity Test of Multiple Cloud Service Providers

Gigalight announced the 100G series optical transceiver modules have passed the connectivity test of multiple cloud service providers. The Gigalight 100G series products include 100… [View details]

COBO Facilitate the Optical Networks to 400G

COBO Facilitate the OpticalNetworks to 400G There are over 10 companies that have demonstratethe 400G Ethernet optical transceiver in OFC 2018, which are expected to deploy400G op… [View details]

Gigalight releases 100G 40Km single receiver modules to support DPI solution

Gigalight releases 100G 40Km singlereceiver modules to support DPI solution With the rapid development of IP network(Cloud Computing) and high bandwidth growth, the various applicat… [View details]

What Optical Transceivers Are Needed for the Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Network (5G)?

WhatOptical Transceivers Are Needed for the Fifth Generation Mobile CommunicationNetwork (5G)?According to the relevant data, the 5Gmarket will be launched in 2020. Then, the 5G op… [View details]

Silicon Photonics: The Future Development Direction of Optical Communication

Silicon Photonics: The Future DevelopmentDirection of Optical CommunicationSilicon photonics (SiP) is an exciting technology based on silicon andsilicon-based substrate materials (s… [View details]

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