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Notes for HDMI AOC using

Notes for HDMI AOC using With the developing of modern life, peopleenjoy the high-definition video is very prominent. The use of HDMI cable isnecessary. The upgrading of HD equipmen… [View details]

Q&A about Video SFP Transceivers

Q&A about Video SFP Transceivers1. What is SDI?SDI, the abbreviation for Serial Digital Interface, is a digital video interface standard made by SMPTE organization. This serial… [View details]

How to Install or Remove SFP Transceiver Modules on Cisco Device

The SFP (small form-factor pluggables) transceiver modules are hot-pluggable I/O devices that plug into module sockets. The transceiver connects the electrical circuitry of the modu… [View details]

Do You Know All These Terminologies of WDM Technology ?

As an unprecedented opportunity to dramatically increase the bandwidth capacity, WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology is an ideal solution to get more bandwidth and low… [View details]

Why The Data Center Needs AOC?

40G AOC have began to import the data centre in the whole world. Compared with 40G DAC copper cable,40G AOC owns an incomparable advantage in more than 7 meters data transmission en… [View details]

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