CPRI Transceivers

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CPRI Transceivers

CPRI Application (1)

Mobile wireless back haul1

Wireless Infrastructure: Strong Growth Ahead


OBSAI: Open Base Station Architecture Initiative http://www.obsai.org/

CPRI: Common Public Radio Interface  http://www.cpri.info/ 


OBSAI Line Rate

CPRI Line Rate(CPRI Specification V5.0 (2011-09-21))





3.072 Gb/s

3.072 Gb/s

1.536 Gb/s

2.4576 Gb/s

0.768 Gb/s

1.2288 Gb/s

0.6144 Gb/s

The Common Public Radio Interface specification, or CPRI (pronounced sip-ri) for short, is a standard for wireless backhaul. CPRI was a major initiative formed in 2003 by several well-known telecommunication companies: Ericsson, Huawei, NEC, Nortel, Nokia Siemens Networks, and Alcatel Lucent. The CPRI committee set out to define a new standardized interface for the interconnect point between the Radio Equipment (RE) and the Radio Equipment Controller (REC) within a base station.



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