Why we should choose fiber cable for our security products?

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Why we should choose fiber cable for our security products?

Security systems often encounter various types of signal transmission, such as video, audio, data, LAN and other signal transmission, how to select the transmission medium is a very annoying thing. Fiber cable and copper cable both have their own advantages and their characteristics are distinct. But with the price of fiber cable and user end equipment getting sharply lower, such as video, multi service digital optical transceiver prices have more than a few years ago is not a small decline. In certain environment, and over copper wire fiber has some unique advantages, one of which is the optical fiber transmission can resist electromagnetic interference. Some engineering companies have found that the flashing of the fluorescent lamp is convenient for the cable to go through the ceiling to the warehouse, and the problem will be solved when the optical fiber is used to transmit it.  

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At the same time cable length is also a problem. In a number of manufacturing plants, there is a lot of electrical interference, so that the cable transmission distance is limited, although twisted wire can eliminate interference, fiber transmission is still the best choice. For security reasons, some organizations will choose the optical fiber. Optical fiber is a very safe transmission medium, optical fiber transmission will not have electromagnetic leakage problem, but the copper wire transmission will leak, so want to detect the optical fiber transmission signal is very difficult, almost impossible.  

Installation and maintenance problems was also a key factor in choosing the fiber or copper transmission. When the optical fiber has just appeared, the line engineer has almost no ability to install the optical fiber, and many of the necessary expensive installation tools in the vast majority of the wiring engineer's toolbox can not see. With the development of optical fiber termination technology, now the installation of optical fiber terminating equipment than the installation of twisted pair of RJ45 connector. It will take longer to install fiber optic termination devices, but the gap is not large. If the installation engineer may not experience some errors of the loaded fiber in the fabric, resulting in the future there will be some problems, in consideration of these questions, users are often in the fiber edge cloth has a twisted pair as a backup.

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1, large transmission capacity

The bandwidth of optical fiber transmission signal is very large, a core can be transmitted to several G bandwidth, or even tens of hundreds of G. For example, we now use the telephone bandwidth is 64K, the digital video signal is about 150M, the LAN is about 100M, 1G = 1000M, 1M = 1000K, you can calculate, a core optical fiber can transmit the signal and how much? A conventional fiber inside four core fiber, of course, 6 core can be customized the 8 core, even more. The multi service digital optical transceiver can now signal combination of video and audio, data, telephone, LAN, DVI, HDMI, USB and other users need to transfer to a single core fiber transmission, not only simple and easy to maintain. Bring great convenience to your network and future expansion, what if the user has special requirements of the future, you do not need to re wiring, as long as the improvement or increase the transceiver function on it.

2, transmission distance, interference free, high transmission quality

Optical fiber (single mode fiber, the proposed preferred single-mode fiber) transmission attenuation is very small, normal transmission per kilometer attenuation is only 0.3 to 0.6dB. If you order the optical attenuation allows 30dB, you can transfer to more than 60 kilometers, so to design your program to bring a lot of convenience, if it is not too far, can not consider the transmission distance. The optical signal is transmitted in the optical fiber, so the interference of the electric signal has no influence on the optical fiber. Now the transmitter internal use of digital technology, not only the transmission is stable, and the quality of transmission can reach a high level.

3, optical fiber and optical transceiver prices fell sharply

A few years ago, the overall price of fiber is higher than the 100%-200% of the cable, and now the price has no difference. Otical prices have dropped significantly. The engineering design personnel before said: "if a single voop price dropped to 600 yuan, I works on preferred optical transceiver, without the use of copper." He was plagued by problems with the use of coaxial cable, such as interference, transmission quality, transmission distance, wiring and other issues, but if he chose to use the optical fiber must pay high fees. Don't worry about that right now, the price has been reduced to a transmitter can be used in large quantity of it, as long as he generally pay more than about 10% of the cost of copper transport, he faced the previous problem does not exist.

4, low cost of raw materials, easily accessible everywhere

The main raw material of the fiber core is SiO2, which we call the quartz glass, the most on earth is it, such as the sand on the beach is rich in silica. In addition, from where you stand to dig 16 kilometers of the earth's crust, which is all of the (SiO2) ore, which seems to be too much.

Optical fiber manufacturing uses silicon material while silicon on our earth is inexhaustible, but copper is not. With the improvement of the optical fiber connection technology, optical fiber construction will become more and more convenient.

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