Detail introduction of tunable transceivers

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Detail introduction of tunable transceivers

10G Tunable SFP+ 

Form factor Tunable SFP+ Part number GPU-CXXX-08C
Compatible standard Data Rate 9.95Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s
Average Tx Power(Each lane) -1.0 ~ +3.0 dBm Average Rx Sens.(Each lane) -24dBm
Distance 80km Wavelength 1528.38nm ~ 1568.77nm
Connector LC Transmitter Tunable C-Band
Receiver APD Power dissipation <1.7W
Temperature 0°C to 70°C DDM Yes

The tunable SFP+ transceiver is an important transceiver module for next generation enterprise, metro and regional optical network equipment continuing the replacement of fixed-wavelength modules and of non-pluggable ports. This form factor allows network equipment manufacturers to reduce the size and power consumption for 10G connections while supporting the network operators rapidly increasing capacity needs driven by data-heavy network applications. Also, it will allow form-factor commonality between client- and line-side, offering greater flexibility in equipment configurations.

  • Flexible network management. A tunable SFP+ transceiver will be remotely configured for a specific wavelength to support bandwidth changes as needed in Enterprise or Metro networks.
  • Reduced network inventory. One tunable SFP+ transceiver will support more than 80 different wavelengths. It will allow network operators to hold one tunable device code as opposed to 80+ fixed wavelength transceivers.
  • Reduced power consumption. It will provide a significant reduction in electrical power dissipation compared to other tunable solutions.
  • Compact and high-density form factor. The new tunable SFP+ transceiver will be about the size of a pack of gum, saving valuable real estate in data centers.
  • Increased network capacity. The tunable SFP+ will double the number of channels supported in this compact transceiver form factor. Upgrading to 50GHz channel spacing doubles the capacity potential in Enterprise and Metro networks.


Infiberone 50GHz Full C-band Tunable5Z20A0x-TNBLSFP+ transceivers are designed for use in 10Gb/s to 11.1Gb/s 50GHz DWDM links up to 80km of G.652 fiber. The SFP+ module supports 10GBASE-ZR and –ZW applications along with SONET OC-192 LR-2 and SDH STM-64 ITU-T G.959.1 P1L1-2D2 applications for Ethernet Switches, IP Routers or SONET/SDH optical interfaces. Digital Optical Monitoring interfaces are provided via the SFP+ standards compliant I2C interface.


• Hot-pluggable SFP+ footprint
• 50GHz DWDM ITU-T Full C-band Tunability
• Support 9.95Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s bit rates
• 80km 50GHz DWDM laser
• 80km APD photodiode receiver
• Single 3.3V power supply
• Power dissipation <1.7W
• -5°C to +70°C
• Duplex LC fiber connectors
• SDH STM-64ITU-T G.959.1 P1L1-2D2
• Full Digital Optical Monitoring
• Metal enclosure for lower EMI
• Complies with RoHS directive (2002/95/EC)
• Compliant with SFP+ Electrical MSA SFF-8431
• Compliant with SFP+ Mechanical MSA SFF-8432
• Laser Class 1 IEC/CDRH compliant


• Full C-band Tunable10GBASE-ZR 10GEthernet
• 8GB/10GB Fibre Channel
• SONET OC-192 LR-2
• SDH STM-64ITU-T G.959.1 P1L1-2D2
• Access DWDM Ethernet Switch or IP Router Interconnect 


Tunable SFP+ specifications datasheet

10G Tunable XFP 

Form factor Tunable XFP Part number GXT-CXXX-08CC
Compatible Cisco ONS Data Rate 9.95Gb/s to 11.1Gb/s
Average Tx Power(Each lane) -1.0 ~ +3.0 dBm Average Rx Sens.(Each lane) -24dBm
Distance 80km Wavelength 1528.38nm ~ 1568.77nm
Connector LC Transmitter Tunable C-Band
Receiver APD Power dissipation <4.5W
Temperature 0°C to 70°C DDM Yes


The  Infiberone Tunable XFP  optical transceiver is a high performance and cost effective XFP transceiver modules designed for 10G SDH/SONET, 10G Ethernet DWDM fiber optic transmission applications, designed to support the full range of C-band ITU-T wavelengths data rates from 9.95Gbps to 11.3Gbs and distances up to 80km.This transceiver contains both transmit and receive sections.  An MZM, (C-band tunable laser with a wavelength locker) a laser driver and the supporting circuits constitute the transmit path  while an APD ROSA, a post amplifier and the supporting circuits form the receive section. A microcontroller handles the communications between the module and the host board as well as the control and monitoring functions for both transmit and receive sections. A Clock and Data Recovery circuit (CDR) functions for both transmit and receive.The transceiver module is fully compliant with the XFP MSA standard and can be hot-plugged into the 30-pin XFP connector on the host board. By limiting inrush currents,  the device will not disturb the operations of the host board. The high-speed electrical interface is fully compliant with the XFI standard, providing transmission paths for the 10G signals.


• XFP MSA Rev 4.5 Compliant
• Support 9.95Gb/s to 11.1Gb/s
• Tunability over full C-band 50GHz ITU-T wavelengths (SFF-8477 Control)
• 80km 50GHZ tunable laser
• Adaptive Receiver Decision Threshold Control for improved OSNR range
• High performance APD photodiode receiver
• Duplex LC fiber connector
• Compliant with XFP Electrical and Mechanical MSA INF-8077
• Digital diagnostics and alarm reporting
• -5℃ to 70℃ Operating Case Temperature
• Power Dissipation 3.5W Maximum
• ROHS6 Compliant(lead free)


• 10G Fiber Channel&10G Ethernet
• Ethernet Switch or IP Router Interconnect
• DWDM Networks


Tunable XFP specifications datasheet

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