Introduction about the Definition and Types of 25G SFP28 Optical Module

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Introduction about the Definition and Types of 25G SFP28 Optical Module

Energy-saving and cost are necessary to be considered in the process of data center deploying the network. While 40G and 100G optical module is with high price and high power dissipation; and the speed rate of 10G optical module can’t meet the needs of network, therefore, 25G SFP28 is coming with it.

Definition of 25G SFP28 Optical Module

25G SFP28 optical module is mainly used in 25G Ethernet and 100G4x25GbpsEthernet. More about it, it can satisfy the increasing needs of next data center network in the best way of energy-saving. Below is the details about the standard of 25G Ethernet connector, released by IEEE 802.3 working group.

Introduction about the Definition and Types of 25G SFP28 Optical Module
The Development of 25G SFP28 Optical Module

25G SFP28 optical module specializes in the interconnection between data center servers and exchangers, which is a new-type Ethernet standard with multi-advantages. It’s pushed out by IEEE 802.3 working group in August,2014 and its revision was entirely finished in June,2016. The biggest advantage that 25G Ethernet tech brings for data center is to make the bandwidth and the density of ports maximized. Meanwhile, it also can achieve the transmission of 100G data by the single-channel physical layer tech of 25G

Characteristics and Advantages of 25G SFP28 Optical Module

The best input/output performance and fiber capacity of 25G SFP28 optical module is 2.5times than 10G Ethernets’. In addition, It’s with higher port density and can save operating cost by reducing the number of ToR exchangers and cables.

Compared with 100G optical module, the loss of 25G SFP28 optical module is lower. Besides, it can reach 25G transmission rate by using 2 fiber channels. Compared with such kind of module which reach 40G transmission rate by using 4 fiber channels of 10G, 25G SFP28 optical module is the best choice undoubtfully.

Classifications and Applications of 25G SFP28 Optical Module

25G SFP28 optical module is mainly divided into two types: SFP-25G-SR optical module and SFP-25G-LR optical module. Below is the detailed introduction about them

1.    Introduction of SFP-25G-SR Optical Module

SFP-25G-SR optical module's center wavelength is 850nm and it meets these standards,such as IEEE 802.3, SFF-8472, SFF-8402,SFF-8432, SFF-8431 and so on. What differs from other optical modules is that its inter transmitter and receptor is Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser. So it’s matched with OM3/OM4 multimode fiber whose fiber diameter is 50/125µm.

SFP28 25GE-SR 850nm 70m OM3 100m OM4 Transceiver

In addition, SFP-25G-SR optical module support this function, Digital Optics Monitoring, which can help network manager to monitor all aspects of information about the optical module in actual time. And SFP-25G-SR optical module has a wide range of applications, mainly applied in the short-distance data transmission of 25G Ethernet’s exchangers, routers, Network Interface Card, network-stored devices.

2.    Introduction of SFP-25G-LR Optical Module

SFP-25G-LR optical module is one module whose center wavelength is 1310nm. When matched with single-mode, its transmission distance can reach 10km. Same as SFP-25G-SR optical module, it also satisfy the standards, such as IEEE 802.3, SFF-8472, SFF-8402,SFF-8432, SFF-8431 and so on. Differently, it use DFB laser and it’s applied in the long-distance data transmission.


With the rapid development of Internet, cloud programmer and the further construction of IT infrastructure data center, 25G SFP28 optical module is very popular with most users of data center on account that it can provide efficient and economical 25G and 100G network solutions. Infiberone can offer 25G SFP28 optical module with high quality and good compatibility. Welcome all of you to consult and purchase!


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