What's MPO Fiber Connector?

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What’s MPO Fiber Connector?

Network has been an important part of our life and even many companies can’t do business without it. Its development makes the data quantity larger and larger. So MTP series products are gradually used in the numerous data centers. With the increasing use of it, many people will have many questions about it. Now, let’s answer the commonly-seen questions together.

1.How Many Types Are The Ports of MPO Divided Into?

Two types: APC(SM) and PC(MM).


2.How Many Guide Pins Are There On the MPO Connector?

Connector has two guide pins, male style or female style without pin. The female and male end of connector provided by SENKO is respectively plastic and metal. Via the two guide holes with diameter as 0.77mm, on the both sides of fiber stub interface, the guide pins are set.


3.How Many Fibers Can The Connector Be With?

It’s used to connect the one-line 2~12 fibers, at most two-lines 24 fibers simultaneously.


4. Why MPO with 24 Fibers Using Harness Cables?

Customized 24 fibers MTP-24 SC/LC/FC OM3 Multimode Harness Cable Standard loss

Convenient for the construction, if 24-fibers cable is longer, it has to be packaged in the form of circles. If using ribbon cables, the connector will get damaged easily, because the inner/outer diameter will get forced, When the circled cables are pulled open. Therefore, harness cables are usually used.


5. What Differences Are There Between MPO and MPT?

MTP is the brand of MPO connector, registered by USconec, especially referring to MPO connector produced by it. While MPO only follows the international standard, IEC-61754-7, and its design is inferior to MTP’s. In addition, in performance, MTP is higher than MPO. To some degree, MTP is a MPO connector with high performance, high density, accurate geometric design, and available to connect to optics fiber with 12~72 or 96 fibers.

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