New Member of Data Center: MTP/MPO with High density and Low Cost

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New Member of Data Center: MTP/MPO with High density and Low Cost


With the development of technology, cloud computing and big data are also developed rapidly with it. And the most important feature of data center proving cloud computing service is with super large scale. The cloud computing data center of some large enterprises, such as Google, Facebook and Tencent, is usually with over hundreds of thousands or even millions servers. And now, Large capacity, high data-transmission rate and energy saving are the challenges for data center. Meanwhile, the data traffic of smartphones, tablet computer and electric service is also rising constantly so that larger network capacity are needed. In addition,with the constant upgrading of network system, the connector is also developed and the construction cost of data center is increased with it. Therefore, when faced with various kinds of connectors, how should enterprises choose?

Constant Increasing Demands on Fiber Connectors

These years, the handle capacity of network system is creasing constantly, and 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s system are also used popularly. Stricter requirements for data transmission rate are raised by data center. These changes refer to the choice of cabling tech. Most available platforms are based on the copper cable and multimode cable at present, but obviously, fiber system is superior to copper cable system whether in data transmission rate or in general energy consumption. Therefore, with the development of high-speed LAN and optical AN, the applications for fiber connectors will be wider in the fiber system. As the connector between optical fiber and optical fiber, to some degree, optical fiber connector have a influence in the reliability and all performances of fiber system. It’s seen that it’s important to choose a good fiber connector.

Keeping Close Pace with The Trend, Infiberone pushes out the MTP/MPO Cabling Product Solutions Simultaneously

From single-mode fiber to multimode fiber and from 10G to 40G/100G, requirements for connectors become higher in the fiber system. To follow the trend of data center cabling system,40G/100gG Ethernet is coming. Traditional fiber connectors are hard to meet the requirements for multifibers defined in the high-speed network standards or for performance. According to the international standards, high-density MPO/MTP connectors have been the standard ports in the 40G and 100G Ethernet transmission.

As the supplier of cabling fiber products, Infiberone innovates and develops constantly in this field, pushing out high density MTP/MPO cabling solutions for data center. The connecting standards of MTP/MPO are the miniaturization and high-density, the fiber connector standards. One connector matched with multifibers ribbon fiber, is with high density and stability in connection. MTP/MPO high-density cabling system gets the terminating and testing of high-density fiber connectors and ribbon cables finished in the factory, plugging and playing with devices on the scene and supporting the quick deploying of data center. It’s an ideal solution for the gradually increasing needs about the high capacity data center cabling and it’s easily-installed, available to plug and play, and with convenient construction, compact design and high accuracy.


The Components of MTP/MPO Cabling System

MTP/MPO cabling system includes trunk cables, MTP/MPO module cassettes and various patch cords.

1m 36 fibers 12 strands OM3 Multimode MTP Trunk Cable Standard loss

MTP/MPO hydra cable is available in the settings with high density, high performance and easy installation; able to connect to ports, such as LC, SC, ST and MT-RJ; able to reduce the needs for cases or cabling space.

0.5m 12 fibers MTP-12 SC/LC/FC Single mode Hydra Cable Standard loss

MTP/MPO Cassette adopts MTP/MPO connector and meets the gradually increasing needs of high-density cabling system. Every MTP/MPO connector adapts to 12/24 or more LC connectors. And 1U cabling space can contain 72 LC fiber connectors.

High-density cassette with modularization design is able to plug and play and to meet the needs of data center’s quick deploying; providing the switch between MTP/MPO and standardized connector, such as LC, SC and so on; able to be installed in the compatible 1U cabling case.

1x12 fibers MTP-12 LC Mini Cassette OM3 Standard Loss

MTP/MPO connectors reach the precise-position connection by matching the structure of pin and guide hole with adapter; able to offer over 12-times density of standardized connector. In addition, it uses ribbon cables with 4 fibers, 8 fibers, 12 fibers and so on, obviously saving the computer room and deploying cost.

Advantages of MTP/MPO Connector

——High Density

●One MTP/MPO connector usually can contain 12 fibers or more.

●1U cabling space can hold 96 LC fiber connector.

●Saving space of case and rack, helpful to manage cables.

●Ordinary fiber cabling racks usually match with 15,000 fibers


——High Reliability

●Hydra cables and patchcords are pre-terminated by factories and tested by precise equipments to ensure the reliability of system.

       ●Precise connection in the every process

       ●Meeting the EMC requirements without consideration of EMI/RFI factors

——Low Cost

       ●Saving the time of installation and testing, reducing the labor costs, shorten the time of data center construction.

       ●Reducing the cost in the material consumption and needs for the case space.



●For the future network infrastructure

●Accorded with standards of the 10/100-1Gbps Ethernet and fiber channel


——Easy for Applications

       ●Modularization design, easy to install, remove and patch

       ●Easy design, easy to operate, install and test.

Compared with traditional fiber connector, MTP/MPO connector offers 12/24 times or higher fiber capacity, providing better solutions for 40G high bandwidth. If you want to know more details, welcome to visit our website


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