Why MTP Fiber Cables Replacing Copper Cables In the Computer Room?

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Why MTP  Fiber Cables Replacing Copper Cables In the Computer Room?

It’s known that MTP fiber cables enter into the computer room in replace of copper cables. And most of people regard it as a natural thing due to the great progresses in the  technologies. Well, maybe it seems to be a little incomprehensive from the  perspective of its applications and strengths. However, what reasons making it happen on earth?Now, Infiberone specially answer it for us there. Let’s have a look at together!

Comparison between Fiber Optic Cables and Copper Cables

1.On the one hand, compared with copper cables,  the bandwidth of fiber optic cable is higher . For the HD conference and HDTV systems, requiring higher speed  to meet the information demand , they have a higher requirement for bandwidth. By comparison, the MTP fiber cables are the good choice for it.

2.On the other hand, compared with copper cables ,the fiber connectors on the fiber cables ,especially for LC, are smaller in size than those on copper cables. In addition, the fiber connectors require less back plane real estate on the servers, switches, and routers necessary for the data system. This is the reason that manufacturers are switching to LC connectors on some of their servers and switches.

Various reasons why MTP fiber cables replace copper cables in the computers:

1.For one thing, the distance is very important factor in a computer room. Fiber optic cable is helpful to extend the distances to run data at high speed, compared with copper cables.

2.For another thing, Fiber optic cables are preferable in many cases, where power lines run close to the data cables to avoid electromagnetic crosstalk that fiber cables are immune to. Where there are air conditioning or fan motors, which may be necessary for the computer system and are close to the data cabling, the use of fiber optic cables will avoid crosstalk interference with the data signals.


Advantages in various applications

1. The fiber optical cables are with high density. multi-fiber trunk cables are terminated on MTP connectors that can be pulled quickly from point A to point B. By a cassette or a transition cable assembly, the data center designer can break out the 12 or 24 fibers from each MTP connector in simplex or duplex connector.

 In addition, The fiber is pre-tested, pre-terminated, and essentially able to plug and play. The error caused by pulling individual strands across multiple floors plus polishing and termination will not happen. To expand to new servers, a trunk cable connected with MTP can be dropped in and be up and running very quickly. All cablings or cassettes are not necessary to be installed up front with necessary capital expenditure. MTP fiber cables include 24, 36, 48, 72, or 144 fibers. The network can be deployed as the servers and switches are increased.

1m 36 fibers 12 strands OM3 Multimode MTP Trunk Cable Standard loss

2. For the LC cassette module, high density fiber optic solution can save the equipment cabinet space and help data to be transmitted to longer distances.

 1x12 fibers MTP-12 LC Mini Cassette Single Mode Standard Loss


By the introduction and comparison of MTP fiber cables and copper cables, I believe most people have a deeper knowledge for it. If you want to know more detailed information about MTP cables, MTP cassettes or other MTP products, maybe you can visit this website: www.Infiberone.com

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