How Much Do you Know about MTP Cassettes and Cable Assemblies?

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Nowadays, MPO/MTP connectors are popularly applied in data center. With its quick development,MTP cassettes and cable assemblies have been also developed. However, how much do you know about them? Well, whether you have a good knowledge of it or not, I believe you will learn a lot after reading this article.

Introductions and Functions

MTP cassettes and cable assemblies take their name from the MPO/MTP connector, designed and introduced as a performance version of MPO connectors. MTP fiber system is an innovative product. Each MTP connector contains 12 fibers or 6 duplex channels in a connector that is smaller than most duplex connectors.

A standard MTP cassette has one port in the back with a MTP coupler awaiting connection with an MTP cable assembly having 12 fibers in the connector. The MTP cable is plugged into the back and gets through the adaptor. The cable connects to another MTP assembly inside the cassette that “fans out” to 12 SC or LC connections. One MTP cable can connect up 12 different ports.

2x12 fibers MTP-3x8f MTP Mini Cassette OM3 Elite Loss

MPO is the first generation of multi-fiber connector designed by NTT. MTP connector is a superior style of MPO connector. Using the MTP connector, compatible with round, stranded cable, has benefits in many aspects, such as eliminating preferential bends, easier routing during long cable length installation, and lower cable cost. The connector design is fully suitable for multimode and single mode applications according to standard industry requirements.


Why Using MTP Connectors and Cables

people are innovating based on their existing infrastructures and placing MTP cassettes in their patch panels to route data for thousands of network electronics. MTP cassettes, cables, connectors and adapters are found to be essential backbones for infrastructures. If you run one 12-fiber MTP cable from a cassette on one side of the building to one cassette on the other, you can supply data for 12 connections just like that. The high fiber count in one connector creates endless possibilities. Imagining a 1U rack mount patch panel that can supply data to run an entire 288-port switch. That will happen soon with today’s increasing demand for higher through-put.

In addition, The MTP trunk cable offers the flexibility in case any decision is made to change the connector style in the patch panels. And new cassettes can be installed with the new connector on the cross-connect side of the patch panel without having to change the connector on the cable trunk.

 5m 144 fibers 24 strands Single mode MTP Trunk Cable Elite Loss

 Applications of MTP components

1.Suitable for high-density back plane and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) solutions in data and telecom systems;
2.Used in transmitters and receivers, MTP connectors offer up to 12 times the density of standard connectors, providing significant space and cost savings;

3.The compact design addresses high fiber count applications, with small and lightweight cables ideal for use with installation space limitations;


Seen from the above information, MTP Cassettes and Cable Assemblies play a key role in the various applications. More attentions are worth paying to it. If you want to more, maybe you can visit this, where there are many helpful information about it.

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