Cautions About the Cabling System To Improve Devices’ Performances

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It’s known that cabling system plays a key role in the network applications, especially a good one, not only helpful to make a good use of devices’ performance, but also able to extend the whole application system ‘s working life to 20 years or more. Maybe it’s exactly what all of you desire. Well, how to make it? Ok, let’s find the answer together in this article.

Types of Cabling System

It’s necessary to make a good plan for the cabling system in the process of designing a network system. And in the cabling system, it includes traditional cabling system and structured cabling system.

Traditional cabling system  is applied when optical links are deployed from point to point or from device to device with no patch panels installed in the links. In this system, cabling infrastructure will always be in a mess with many two-fiber optical patch cords. And this entanglement will bring difficulties in routing new patch cords in ceiling or floor trays all the way across the data center whenever a new device is deployed. That greatly influences work efficiency. What’s more, this system causes the overheating of data centers especially around the MTP racks where cable clutter occurs. However, some organizations today still utilize the traditional cable solutions, just deploying cables to meet immediate needs without considering future needs.

Compared with the traditional cabling system, structured cabling system is more flexible, reliable and highly efficient in moving, adding and changing the infrastructure as the network grows. This kind of system requires additional investment on pre-terminated MPO cabling such as patch panel to create the cabling infrastructure. But the benefits brought by the cost make cable deployment and troubleshooting time more efficient. Structured cabling is often applied as the infrastructure grows and as constant moves and changes need for a reliable network. So the deployment of robust cabling links between two patch panels is very common in high density data centers.

Cautions In the Applications

For most engineers, there still is a long road to go in improving the stability and reliability of integrated cabling grounding system. Therefore, there are cautions about the grounding design of integrated cabling system to be paid attention to:

1.When shielding measures are taken in the integrated cabling system, all shielding layers should keep consistency  and ensure  the cables’ relative position constant.

2.Protectors should be applied to avoid being struck by lightening when cables are connected from the outside to the inside of building.

3. Overvoltage and overcurrent protection should be taken when the connecting line is under the below conditions:

    A. With potential dangers brought about by lightning stroke

    B. Power circuit under over 250V  working voltage contacts to earth

    C. AC 50HZ induction voltage is over 250V

    D. Power failure due to earth potential rising to over 250V

4. Overvoltage protection in the integrated cabling system had better apply the gas discharge tube protector.

5. Overcurrent protection in the integrated cabling system had better use self-healing protector.

6. The wiring system should be moisture-proof to avoid the unnecessary cost ,time consumption and damages to replace the damp cabling system .


It’s seen that to make a good use of a good cabling system, it’s significant not only in choosing a good cabling system, but also in concentrating on its deploying cautions in the cabling system. If you want to know more details about this aspect, maybe you can visit the website for consulting:

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