Call for papers!Every Participant Can Get Prize, the Highest 200USD!

Infiberone managerGVIP2018/3/29 14:37:00

Infiberone first session of the paper collection activities opened! Welcome to join this activity!


In order to excavate the knowledge-based talents of the industry, share the latest and most popular information to everyone. We have specially organized this event to promote the exchange and interaction of all.


Rules of the activity:


1, The request for contribution


Industry views, knowledge sharing, product evaluation and any other related articles, no less than 800 words.


2, The award setting.


Each quarter we will select the top three to reward, the first will get 50USD, the second 30USD, and the third 20USD. Every participant will awarded by 50 yuan immediately once his papers get approved. The award is issued in the form of coupons.


At the end of the year we will select the best article and reward 200 USD.


4, Activity time:


Begin on April 2018 and end on December 2018.


5, How to select


The participants will publish the contribution articles in the Infiberone Forum. The article will be selected comprehensively according to the number of the reviews, likes, comments and forward. The prize winning articles will not be less than 500/ persons (no matter which index, it needs at least 500).

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