CFP Evaluation Board

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CFP Evaluation Board


The test board is designed to provide an easy and effective solution for Loopback Bit Error Test on CFP modules. It also supports reference clock for eye pattern testing.


▪ Support Loopback Bit Error Test

▪ Support 10*10G interfaces

▪ MDIO MSA compliant master

▪ Monitoring Interface(DDM)

▪ 18GHz Molex SMA connectors

▪ Onboard & External reference clock

▪ On-board LEDs show MSA output Alarm states

▪ On-board jumpers for MSA input control signals

▪ Module procedure loaded by JTAG connector

▪ Friendly GUI

▪ Operates up to 11.2 Gbps per channel


100G transceiver testing CFP/CFP2 and CFP4/QSFP28 using adapters

CFP Evaluation Board
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