Active optical cable tester (SFP + AOC CHECHER) solution

The active optical fiber cable tester (SFP + AOC CHECHER) produced by Infiberone is a type of handheld Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) of complete function and easy to operate. It has four main functions: (1) 10 GE BERT error test function, which can perform 10G SFP + AOC bit error test; (2) Optical power metering and testing function; (3) Read and display of DDM and DDM threshold of SFP + / SFP optical module; (4) EEPROM read and write function of optical module. The product is designed with the characteristics of portable instruments, having complete functions,user-friendly GUI interface (without installing the drive, supporting 64 - bit WIN10 system), delicate and lightweight, convenient for the engineering and technical personnel to carry and use and ideal testing tools for engineers. 


The front panel of this product has two 10GE SFP + optical module interfaces; optical power meter of FC interface ; bit error indicatorand power indicator. 

                  Rear panel is equipped with the USB communication interface and5VDC socket. 

The main functions are as follows: 

1. The active optical fiber cable tester (SFP + AOC CHECHER) produced by Infiberone. is equipped with built-in dual channel BERT test function, which can be configured for twotesting modes. When"Two BERT" function is selected, SFP1 and SFP2 interfacesare independent interfaces for internalloopback test, which can beused separately for SFP + internal loopback test as shown in the figure below: 

Whenthe “BIDI/AOC Test "mode is selected, SFP1 and SFP2 interfaces can be used for joint loopback test (Test signals are communicated between SFP2 and SFP1). The SFP + 10G active optical fiber cableand SFP + BIDI products can be tested as shown in the figure onleft. 

Introduction of GUI interface(in the following screenshots).The GUI software iseasy to use, without any need to install USB drive, which can operate directly on 64 - bitWIN10operating system without installation of the GUI software. Click the checker. exe to run it directly. In Area 4 of the window, the DDM monitoring values are read and displayed in real time; in Area 6 of the window, the bit error rate and bit error rate statistics are shown; in Area 5 of the window, the message pops up to inform the user of operation state of the GUI, such as whether the USB connection is successful and prompt operation, etc.; in Area 7 of the window, the speed of BERTand setting of PRBS mode are shown. 

The EEPROM read and write function of SFP + AOC check optical module can effectively solve the problem of incompatibility of productsto reduce the inventory costfor customers. The built-in optical power meter can help customers to determine whether the optical module is working.The selection of DWDM channel of adjustable optical module is supported to facilitate modification of theDWDM channel set in factory. The above practical functions can effectively simplify the customer's work. 

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