Cloud Programmer Service of Infiberone Optical Module Checker

First. Why clients need optical module cloud programmer?

1.     One of the disadvantages of stand-alone offline code-writing programmer (hereinafter referred to as “stand-alone version”) is slow service response, so clients need to obtain compatible code information from a third-party compatible manufacturer via EMAIL. Due to time difference and other factors, they cannot get real-time services.

2.     The code-writing operation of stand-alone version is usually complex, and the user interface is unfriendly.

3.     Stand-alone version has single function, namely code-writing function. After a problem occurs in optical module, it cannot realize on-line detection.

4.     The viscosity between manufacturers and users is low, and the interaction and service level depends on the level of counterpart sales personnel.

5.     The stand-alone version cannot realize real-time information docking with users.


Second. Features and advantages of Infiberone optical module Checker cloud programmer (hereinafter referred to as “cloud programmer”)

1.      Provide users with real-time online code-writing services via the access of Infiberone cloud server to the Internet, the service response is timely, and clients do not need to obtain the compatible code by receiving EMAIL.

2.      The software user interface is friendly and easy to use. With compatibility options for mainstream compatible brands, it can customize product P / N and vendor name and so on.

3.      Cloud programmer supports online monitoring functions and built-in BERT bit error detection function. When there is a suspected problem in optical module, bit error testing will be conducted after passing optic fiber jumper self-healing loop to report the fault information of optical module to Infiberone cloud server, read DDM monitoring value, realize a simple online product testing functions and quickly determine product problems.

4.      To reduce the cost for clients, reduce the quantity of stock of optical module by clients, and do not stock the optical modules of various compatible brands.

5.      Support the DWDM channel selection of tunable optical module, and facilitate the modification of factory preset DWDM channel.

6.      With built-in optical power testing, it can check whether the TX transmitting terminal of optical module can work properly. 

7.      With the OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) optical modules of Infiberone, it can achieve the simple OTDR detection function and achieve optical fiber break detection and other functions.

8.      Cloud programmer can become a information gathering window which docks with users: Provide clients with good services, for example, ① become the entrance of online shopping infiberone; ② publish new product information; ③information publishing window of the company; ④ promotional information window, and thus enhance the viscosity with clients by these methods.


Third. Recommendations for cloud programmer development route of Infiberone

1.      From the point of view of user cost, two versions of product should be launched: cloud programmer with bit error testing function and one without bit error testing function.

2.      The first generation of products support the compatible code programming function of SFP/SFP+/SFP28/XFP, bit error testing function and selection function of DWDM channel of tunable optical modules.

3.      The second generation of products support the compatible code programming function of QSFP/QSFP28/CFP4 and bit error testing function.

4.      Infiberone online coding services, online shopping and order placing entrance, company news aggregators and other online publishing window.


We have 2 versions for you:

Public Compatibility Codes Version


Fee: $US1000 including Cloud Encoder and Public Compatibility Codes stored in Gigalight servers.


Customized Compatibility Codes Version


Fee: $US1500 as an upgrade of public compatibility codes version, It adds customized compatibility codes, and supports customized PN and VN. The customized codes will be input to Gigalight server and authorized to download for customers.

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