Automatic dispensing solution


Automatic dispenser is an integral to automation industry, which is the equipment integrating high precision, automatic control, precision dispensing control technology manufactured on the basis of many years’ experience in motion control technology;as it can significantly improve the efficiency of production and processing precision, it is widely applied and popularized in various industries. In the industry of optical components, the dispensing and injecting technology has been extensively used on passive devices; as the active devices increase along with the rise of the COB technology, the dispensing and injecting technology has become an important link in its production. Although the automatic dispenseris relatively mature products, including the most commonly seendesktop-type dispenser on the market, we developed two types of new non-standard automatic dispensersbased on the product and process requirements, respectively used in hot-melt adhesive injection of PCC CABLE  and UV curing of USB 3.0. 


2.Solution of automatichot-melt adhesive injection of PCC Cable  

The main components of automatic adhesive injecting machine are shownin the figure below: 




Figure 1.Isometric view of automatichot-melt adhesive injecting machine



The working principle of automatic adhesive injecting machine: 


(1) The principle of temperature control:  Input the heating temperature information into  PLC via the temperature control panel; PLC controls the heating system to heat the charging barrel, and the temperature sensor on the charging barrel feeds back the temperature analogue signalto PLC that regulates the  cylinder heating temperature, enabling to control heating adhesive in multiple modes at fixed time and fixed temperature. 


(2) The principle ofpositioning: PLC transmits pulse signals to the motor controller to rotatethe stepping motor at a certain angle, and the stepping motor in turn drives the workbench to move in a certain distance, which moves the fixture or charging barrel. By modifying the pulse sent from PLC to controller, positioning the dispenser in several ways is achieved, which can support simultaneous adhesive injection of multiple products. 


(3) The principle of adhesive injection: After dispenser moves and positions, PLC sends an opening signal to air inlet valve to open it. The pressure inside the charging barrel rises, and the melt adhesive flows from the nozzle into the cavity of fixture; waiting for a period of time t, PLC sends a closing signalto the air inlet valve to close it; at the same time, PLC also sends signal to air relief valve to open it, thepressure in the charging barrel is reduced, adhesive stops flowing into the fixture. Modify the valve opening and closing time to control the quantity of dispensing. 


The automatic operation interface on the touch screen of automatic adhesive injecting machine is shown as follows:

Figure 2: Operation interface of automatic hot-melt adhesive equipment 

The automatic control of this equipment is realized with PLC. The user-friendly operation interfaceand process adjustment interface on touch screencan realize simultaneous adhesive injection on more than one products.  The overall adhesive melting temperature is stable, and the quantity of injected glue is consistent; the overall efficiency can be increased by more than 50% compared with that of the manual operation. 

AutomaticUSB 3.0UV curing solution

The picture of automatic USB 3.0 UV curing machine is shown as follows: 

Figure 3: USB 3.0 UV curing machine

The working principle of automaticUSB 3.0 UV curing machine:

a)Voltage test: In the test system, the ADC voltage is measured with the A/D module at the resolution of 0.8 mV (The qualified voltages range of U1-U4  is from 300 to 1000 mV). Voltage test shall be performed after material feeding, dispensing, and UV curing.

b)UV dispensing: in the order of A1 →B1 →A2→B2→A3→B3 →A4→B4. 

c)UV curing: Position to carry out UV curing in the order of A1 /B1 → A2 /B2 → A3 /B3 → A4 /B4. The UV lamp system is controlled by the SP7 controller, of which the light intensity and the curing time are adjustable.The dispensing time and pressure can be adjusted to ensure evenadhesive application. The UV glue control accuracy is within 5mg. 

Figure 4: Principle diagram of automatic USB 3.0 UV curing

Figure 5: Flow chart of automatic USB 3.0UV curing machine


Figure 6: Operation interface of automatic USB 3.0 UV curing machine 


The equipment integrates manual steps including the feeding voltage test of semi-finishedUSB3.0, UV dispensing, voltage test after dispensing, UV curing and voltage test after UV curing, supports operation on multiple products at the same time, which boost the efficiency per unit time by 3 times.



Infiberone manufactures various products, which results in quite different requirements on dispensing process. The standardized automatic dispenser is difficult to adapt to so many applications, and the suppliers of standardized dispensers are not so helpful in complex customized demands, who have little room for product improvement or upgrade. Our self-made non-standard automatic dispensing solutions can meet the requirements for efficiency and process at a relatively lowcost.We can make use of it on other production lines and products based on the experience learned from the above cases, and further optimize and upgrade the existing equipment according to the production capacity. 


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