Optical Bypass Protection System Solution

Optical Bypass Protection (OBP) system is an intelligent switching system which can bypass the faulty node caused by power-off or fault of optical output. It can identify the power status of network node and the status of optical signal output, and instantaneously take switching of optical route when network node fails accidently, thus avoid all route blocking and guarantee the high availability of the whole network.


Optical transparent transmission with switching speed less than 15ms
Optical power real-time monitoring and alarm system
RS-232 and RJ45 available for data communication interface 
Single mode & multi-mode selectable 
Heart beat function available upon request.
AC and DC power supply suitable for different field applications

With LCD screen &control panel , plus user-friendly software interface

Transparent to data transmission rate, support 1 G/10G/100G  

1.Chain network:

Due to lack of self-healing ability, the failure of the middle nodes will cause chain action, so it’s necessary to protect the base stations in this chain network, especially for those in longer chains and in locations like mountain areas which are far from human being and oil engines.

2.Ring network Scenario: 

In this case, due to the generally poor power-supply conditions in micro-cell stations, the risk of being power-off leads to the necessity to use an OBPS to protect the system.  

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