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Introduction of 6G SDI/12G SDI Baseband Signal Uncompressed Transmission Solution
First, for the perspective of resolution(digital pixel), it develops from standard definition to high definition, from past 720*576 to present 1920*1080, and the aspect ratio changes from 4:3 to 16:9,which is familiar to us.
Interconnection Solution for Next Generation of 25GE and 100GE Data Center
After 40 years of development, as its name ETHER, Ethernet has reached the aim of the pioneers, i.e., "Ethernet everywhere", become the media in everywhere of human information society. With the rapid development of Internet, cloud computing and
Cloud Programmer Service of Infiberone Optical Module Checker
一. Why clients need optical modulecloud programmer?1. Oneof the disadvantages of stand-alone offline code-writing programmer (hereinafterreferred to as “stand-alone version”) is slow service response, so clients needto obtain compatible code inform…
Infiberone HDMI2.0 AOC Application
Withthe increasing popularity of 4K TV, HDMI2.0 interface is also becoming morecommon. 4K Ultra HD video interface usually has two versions: HDMI1.4 andHDMI2.0. HDMI 1.4 standard was released in 2009, and now it supports a lot ofequipment, mainly for the
Supercomputer Center InfiniBand Network and Infiberone Interconnection
High Performance Computing (hereinafter referred to as HPC), namely Supercomputer Center HPC, its market is being developed toward the direction to use heterogeneous computing systems and improve energy efficiency ratio: GPU, DSP and ARM processors run at
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