Transceiver Programmer & Test Tools
Cloud Programmer Service of Infiberone Optical Module Checker
一. Why clients need optical modulecloud programmer?1. Oneof the disadvantages of stand-alone offline code-writing programmer (hereinafterreferred to as “stand-alone version”) is slow service response, so clients needto obtain compatible code inform…
Active optical cable tester (SFP + AOC CHECHER) solution
The active optical fiber cable tester (SFP + AOC CHECHER) produced by Infiberone is a type of handheld Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) of complete function and easy to operate. It has four main functions: (1) 10 GE BERT error tes
MPO/MTP Polarity Checker
Infiberone provides a complete kit to measure MPO/MTP polarity in Fiber optical cabling system. The MPO/MTP checker includes all the tools needed to measure MPO/MTP polarity on multimode and single-mode fiber optic equipment and fiber optic cabling, it is
Optical Bypass Protection System Solution
Optical Bypass Protection (OBP) system is an intelligent switching system which can bypass the faulty node caused by power-off or fault of optical output. It can identify the power status of network node and the status of optical signal output, and instan
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