HDMI & USB Optics
Introduction of 6G SDI/12G SDI Baseband Signal Uncompressed Transmission Solution
First, for the perspective of resolution(digital pixel), it develops from standard definition to high definition, from past 720*576 to present 1920*1080, and the aspect ratio changes from 4:3 to 16:9,which is familiar to us.
Application of Machine Vision and USB3.0/3.1 Active Optical Cable
This article will explore the advantages of using USB 3.0/USB3.1 AOC active optical cable in machine vision applications. With the improvement in the resolution and frame rate of image sensor as well as the increase in the demand of high-definition video
Infiberone HDMI2.0 AOC Application
Withthe increasing popularity of 4K TV, HDMI2.0 interface is also becoming morecommon. 4K Ultra HD video interface usually has two versions: HDMI1.4 andHDMI2.0. HDMI 1.4 standard was released in 2009, and now it supports a lot ofequipment, mainly for the
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