It’s Time To Make A Cleaning For the Data Center

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Maybe you have realized you need to make a cleaning for the data center, but haven’t  taken any action yet. Well, maybe you will be determined to do it after seeing the below pic:


Generally, there are two main sources: one is from the interior of data center, and the other is from external of the data center. The contaminants from interior are usually particles from air conditioning unit fan belt wear, toner dust, packaging and construction materials, human hair and clothing, and zinc whiskers from electroplated steel floor plates. The contaminants from the external include cars, electricity generation, sea salt, natural and artificial fibers, plant pollen and wind-blown dust.


There are many reasons for cleaning the data center, mainly in these aspects:

1.With the accumulation of dust, fan failure or static discharge inside equipment will happen. And the cooling system of data center  largely depends on the server fan which can bring dust and dirt into it. Therefore, the heat dissipation will need more time and heat emission’s efficiency is limited.  

2.Today’s data center largely depend on electronic equipment and fiber optic components like fiber optic connectors, sensitive to contaminants. Therefore, problems such as power failures, loss of data and short circuit might happen if the contaminants are not cleaned. What’s worse, short circuit might result in  fire in data center, which could lead to irreparable damage, shown as the pics:

3. Dust and dirt can also largely affect the working life and performance of data center equipments. Cleaning is closely linked with its uptime.  Cleaning the data center is usually able to reduce data center downtime and extend the working life of data center infrastructure equipments, reducing the cost of restarting the data center and repairing or replacement of the equipments.


Cleaning and Prevention Tips

Now that, the sources of contaminants are clear, and here offers some suggestions and tips  to reduce it:

1. Reducing the unnecessary access to the data room. It is suggested that only necessary personnel accessible to the data room can reduce the external contaminants.

2. Sticky mats had better be used at the entrances to the raised floor, which can eliminate the contaminants from shoes largely.

3. Never unpacking new equipments inside the data room, setting a staging area outside the data center for unpacking and assembling equipment.

4. No food, drink or smoking in the data room.

5. Keeping the air of the data center fresh by the special air regenerating devices .

6. Cleaning frequency depends on personneI activity frequency in the data center. More vacuuming floor is necessary if there are frequent activities.

7. Checking and cleaning the fiber optic components regularly, especially fiber optic connector and interface of convertors and transceivers.

8. The interior and external of racks and cabinets should be cleaned.


To some extent, data center can be regarded as an information factory today, dealing with numerous information and data. Therefore, cleaning for data center is necessary to guarantee devices reliable and high-quality, to extend the working life of equipments and to save cost in both cooling and maintenance.

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