Gigalight announces Mass Production Facility For 100G CWDM4 & PSM4 Transceivers

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Gigalight announces Mass Production Facility
For 100G CWDM4 & PSM4 Transceivers


Today, Gigalight announced the opening of its new mass production facility for high performance 100G optical transceivers (100G QSFP28 CWDM4 and 100G QSFP28 PSM4). 

The development of data centers has led to increasing demand for 100G high density QSFP optical interconnects such as QSFP28 CWDM4/PSM4 optical transceivers. While a number of companies are transitioning from R&D samples to production, only a handful of companies are in a position to produce these transceivers in high volume with consistent quality and reliability. Leveraging several years of research and development in Chip on Board (COB) technology and third-generation hybrid hermetic encapsulation, Gigalight 100G CWDM4/PSM4 are now being introduced to the market with superior quality and reliability. 

CWDM4 and PSM4 transceivers are being produced in Gigalight new 20,000 sqft., class 10,000 clean room. Multiple high precision fully-automated wire and die bond machines as well as internally developed automated testing stations ensure high quality and efficient manufacturing. Initial  production rate of 20,000 units per month will be increase over the month to come .


PSM4 Optical Transceiver Module: 

Power consumption <3.0W;

Optical eye diagram margin >20%;

Receiver Optical sensitivity > 14.0 dBm (1E-5BER)

Jitter RMS <2.5ps.

Error free optical transmission range over 10KM is available for PSM4. 


100G PSM4 Testing Datum and Optical Eye Diagram Margin

CWDM4 Transceiver Module:

Power consumption <3.0 W

Optical eye diagram margin >20%

Receiver optical sensitivity >10dBm (1E-5BER)

Jitter RMS <2ps

Supports Error free transmission over 2-10KM reach



100G CWDM4 Testing Datum and Optical Eye Diagram Margin


In 2011, with the continuing trends towards larger and larger scale data-centers, Gigalight launched it’s Active Optical Cables (AOCs) to address the massive demand from datacenters in China. Gigalight has continued on its path with successful launch of many products such as the 100G AOC, 100G SR4/LR4 optical transceiver, 200G QSFP DD SR optical transceiver and AOC.

This latest announcement of 100G CWDM4/PSM4 optical modules mass production exemplifies Gigalight’s leading edge expertise in key technologies such as COB (Chip on Board), free space optics design, AWG packaging and hybrid hermetic encapsulation techniques. These core competencies enable Gigalight to introduce market ready products using silicon or advanced electro-optic technology platforms.



About Gigalight

Gigalight is a global interconnect technology leader with over a decade of experience in introducing highly reliable, market leading, mass produced products at a lower cost. Gigalight’s focus is on high-end optical networking products and solutions. We cater to the Data center and cloud market, MAN and Mobile Base station applications and Optics for Video & Consumer segments.


Gigalight USA Corp -  16400 Southcenter Parkway, #205, Seattle, WA 98188

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