What should we concern when choosing QSFP+ AOC?

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What should  we concern when choosing QSFP+ AOC?

Businesses today require a secure and reliable solution for dealing with advanced technology and increasing amounts of data. They want to increase efficiency, cut costs and drive growth while utilizing their often limited IT resources to the fullest capacity. Cloud computing, with the advantages of lower cost, convenience, and extensibility, provides practical technical support for the development of big data, Internet and the artificial intelligence. Due to the fact that data center is the fundamental infrastructure of cloud computing, the construction of data center will be the key to develop cloud computing.

Nowadays, the rapid development of cloud computing leads to the resource integration and fast development of global data center. In the cloud computing data center, the realization of data interaction and virtualization of resources between equipment requires large data traffics. In order to solve the problem, advanced and professional network devices will be required and the demand of high speed optical interconnection products in the data center will be growing higher correspondingly.

QSFP+AOC is an efficient integrated cable assembly product designed for short distance with multichannel data traffic and interconnection application. It provides outstanding solutions for the requirement of high speed, high density, lower cost, lower power consumption in the data center. Compare to traditional copper cable, QSFP+AOC has many obvious advantages.

Firstly, the transmission power of QSFP+AOC is lower.

Secondly, QSFP+AOC is about a quarter of the weight and half the size of copper cables.

Thirdly, with concern to the transmission distance, QSFP+AOC can transmit further for about 100~300 meters.

Last but not least, QSFP+AOC has better bit error rate performance, which can reach at 10^(-15).

Moreover, with contrast to optical transceiver, we don’t have to worry about the contamination problem due to the unexposed optical interface of QSFP+AOC, which largely can improve the sustainability and reliability of the system, thus greatly reducing the maintenance cost of machine room.

However, how to select a qualified QSFP+AOC supplier when building a high density and high capacity data center? 

Most of the integrator and equipment provider of data center hold the point that one of the most important factor to consider to buy qualified QSFP+AOC is the abilities of production process. As we know, the production procedures of AOC include Die bonding, Pre-assembly of parts, SMOD assembly, Optical lens assembly, Fiber coupling, External packaging. Among these processes, two important steps are Die bonding and Fiber coupling. 

There are two kinds of technologies used to make die bonding, one is COB, the other is Flip-Chip. COB, the simplest bare die bonding technology, has many advantages, it requires lower cost, less space and is a relatively mature technology. However, compare to COB technology, Flip-Chip, the future development of die bonding technology and high density mounting, has advantages in packaging density and speed. With regard to the fiber coupling process, The frequent use of coupling method is to increase the 45 degree of angle prism between optical laser and fiber to realize fiber coupling, which is difficult to operate. 

When carring out mass production of AOC, it is easier for general manufacturers to have problems dealing with machining accuracy and component position. Obviously, to a certain extent, the outstanding production abilities is the quality guarantee of QSFP+AOC product.

Gigalight company excels in the development and production of active optical cable. The key production processes such as die bonding and fiber coupling are strictly controlled.

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