10G SFP+ and AOC Checker or SFP+ tester

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10G SFP+ and AOC Checker or SFP+ tester


The 10G SFP+ Checker is an instrument that can help you to read the internal memory EEPROM of the SFP+ module and display details of the EEPROM such as the Part Number, Vendor Name, description and range. It can be used to monitor all DDM information and you can change the EEPROM if you know the module password using the 10G SFP+ Checker. The 10G SFP+ Checker combines the Serial Pattern Generator, Bit Error Rate Analyzer. It provides common transmission rate for 8x Fiber Channel, OC-192 and 10G Ethernet. The optical power can be measured by FC connector optical sensor. The friendly graphic user interface (GUI) provides clear monitoring for bit error rate, bit error counter, timer, SFP status, optical power from the sensor and selection of data rate and PRBS.


▪ 8.5G,9.95~11.3Gbps BERT

▪ Optical Power Meter:1270~1610nm(850nm Optional)

▪ SFP+ status checker

▪ Friendly graphic user interface (GUI)

▪ 1 port SFP TX&RX ,1 port SFP TX

▪ 5V DC power supply

▪ Small form & full metal case

▪ Mini-USB connection 


▪ Bit error rate test

▪ Optical transmitting power measurement

▪ SFP transceiver supply current measurement

▪ Optical reference signal

▪ GUI Operating environment: Win XP 32bit, Win7 32bit and Win10 64bit 

Central Office, Field and Data Centers Central Office, Field and Data Centers
Optical module maintenance and problem confirmation 
Verify quality of transmit and receive signal
Incoming Inspection and Distribution centers Incoming Inspection and Distribution centers
Verify whether the products meet the specification 
Read the manufacture information
Engineering labs and Manufacturing Engineering labs and Manufacturing 
used for BER test, read & write EEPROM



Watch 10G SFP+ Checker Video Demonstration at YouTube:


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