MPO/MTP MM Patchcord Polarity Checker

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MPO/MTP MM Patchcord Polarity Checker Which is Low power consumption is used to detect the polarity and connection status of MM MPO/MTP fiber Optical patchcord, including 4,8,12 cores. Its single detection time is less than 2 seconds. It can work continuously over 20 hours without USB power supply. The checkerdisplays the connection status of fiber optical patchcord by GUI which has the same operation interface as it.


▪ Detection of MPO/MTP MM Patchcord polarity and fiber cut;

▪ Default test Polarity A, B, C and R;

▪ Study and record the other polarity of MPO/MTP Patchcord;

▪ Friendly and simple GUI;

▪ Built-in 1800mAh Li-battery, high stability, low consumption and over 20 hours continuing work;

▪ Mini-USB interface and Buzzer warning.


▪ MPO Patchcord, MPO adapter, Mini-USB cable, power adapter.

GUI Work Platform

▪ WinXP 32bit and Win7 32bit

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