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Product Guide-MTP Cabling Products (1)
(MPO/MTP Hydra cable、MPO/MTP Harness Cable、MPO/MTP LOOPBACK、MPO/MTP Cassette ModuleMTP-LC breakout cable for 10G-40G transition)

Product Guide-Optical Passive Components (2) 
(MPO/MTP Patchcord CableMPO/MTP Trunk Cable)

Product Guide-PLC(Coupling and Splitting)

Product Guide-WDM

Since 2009, Infiberone began the R&D and production of passive components and subsystem. After years of technology accumulation, we have the capability of theory simulation of various lens and fiber, coupling loss calculation ability, wave optics and film optics simulation, and slab guide automated encapsulation and optical cold processing. Mating our full set of stress analysis model of whole glue process and process detail control, these capability enable our passive components to operate under industrial temperature -40-85℃.

Our company has a full set of reliability test equipment. The passive products all have passed reliability experiment of TELCORDIA GR - 1221 - CORE and GR-1209-CORE; IL and RL variation meet the requirements under the condition of double 85 experiment and enhanced of PCT experiment.

Now Infiberone has set up fully equipped optical passive product lines, including Optical waveguide divider PLC & CWDM/DWDM, Arrayed Waveguide Grating (AWG), MEMS optical attenuator, Optical Bypass System, and High-density MPO/MTP cables, cassette and panel for data center modular cabling system. All they have features like low insertion loss, small size, high integration and reliability.

For the recent 6 years, the total shipment of Infiberonet CWDM components and cassette is 3 million channels, of DWDM&AAWG components and cassette is 2 million channels, kinds of PLC is 1.8 million pieces, and optical switch and protection system is 100 thousand pieces. Our high-density cabling products are widely applied in various data centers around the world. FIT value of the passive products can be controlled around 100, the corresponding MTBF is 10 million hours, and all these field data prove high quality stability and reliability of the products to win clients’ trust and cooperation.

Infiberone products are widely used around the world. Except the complete coverage on domestic provincial market, they also occupy important share on overseas market like Europe and America. We provide innovative technology and reliable solutions to more than 40 communication equipment factories and Internet firms globally at over 20 countries.

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