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Product Guide-Direct Attach Cables

Product Guide-Active Optical Cables

Product Guide-Cloud Optical Transceivers

Product Guide-Cloud Optical Transceivers

Infiberone started R&D of high-speed data center optical interconnection products since 2011, released 10G/40G Gen1 active optical cables in that very year, and got deploy of Baidu data center since 2013. We officially launched 25G/100G Gen2 data center optical interconnection products, including:

With constant technology accumulation, Infiberone has created four core technology platforms: Chip on Board (COB)optoelectronic device design & packaging technology, Single mode parallel optics design & precision manufacturing technology, Multimode parallel optics design & coupling technology, and high speed electric devices design & simulation & test technology; Offered data center solutions; enabled to integrate optical transceivers, AOC/DAC, and MPO/MTP, which can meet customers’ different needs.

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