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Infiberone started R&D and production of UHD 4K video no-compression transmission technology and USB3.0/3.1 Active Optical Cables since 2013. Rely on our four core technology platforms: Chip on Board (COB)optoelectronic device design & packaging technology, Single mode parallel optics design & precision manufacturing technology, Multimode parallel optics design & coupling technology, and high speed electric devices design & simulation & test technology, we have developed particular solution for optical transmission engine of UHD 4K passive transport , 10Gbps, and USB3.1, which solves the long-distance transmission difficulty of copper cable.

Presently, HDMI1.4 4K/12G-SDI 4K optical extenders, HDMI1.4 optical module, USB3.0/3.1 and HDMI1.4/2.0 AOC supplied by Infiberone, with these advantages: low power consumption, high cost efficiency, high integrity, good compatibility, and high stability, compose the reliable optical transmission solution for future 4K UHD digital home theater systems. Infiberone also supplies 3G-SDI/6G-SDI/12G-SDI video optical modules on the market of digital video broadcasting system. This product line consists of single Tx transmitter, single Rx receiver, transceiver and BIDI SFP types, fully meet the application needs of video broadcasting system.

Except the complete coverage on domestic provincial market, Infiberone products also occupy important share on overseas market like Europe and America. We offer world-wide clients the innovative technology applications and reliable solutions.

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